• Introduce yourself  & ask for someones name

Countries & Places

  • Ask how long someone has been in a country
  • Talk about where you are from
  • Asking where someone else comes from
  • Checking where someone comes from


  • Talk about your job & company
  • Asking about what someone else does
  • Asking someone about their job

Card Shop

  • Ask how old someone is
  • Ask about a special occasion
  • Buy a card for someone
  • Buy a birthday card

Months  Weeks and Dates

  • Talk about future plans and dates
  • Ask about an appointment
  • Talk about special days
  • Asking when someone was born
  • Asking about holidays

Telling the Time

  • Ask for and tell the time
  • Ask for the time in different way
  • Tell someone you have not got the time
  • Ask at what time a shop opens
  • Ask about plans for lunch

Office Contacts

  • Giving information about yourself
  • Learn How to ask for and give your address and postcode
  • Give your mobile number and e-mail address
  • Learn numbers 0 - 9

Classroom Language

  • Ask someone to repeat something
  • Ask a question about a country and say you do not understand something
  • Say you did not do something
  • Ask someone to listen
  • Asking what a word means

Language for the office

  • Ask someone to pass you something
  • Ask someone where something in the office is
  • Ask if you can speak to someone
  • Talk about meeting times and places
  • Talk about travel plans
  • Ask someone to photocopy something
  • Take a message and answer the phone
  • Tell someone to call someone back
  • Ask to speak to someone on the phone and put someone on hold
  • Asking for help disturbing someone
  • Asking someone to take a seat
  • Asking someone to wait

Going to a bar

  • Asking for a drink
  • Answering a question about your order
  • Ordering another drink
  • Learn how to order wine
  • Pay for a drink and ask for information to be repeated
  • Asking about different kinds of drinks
  • Asking about prices

Coffee Shop

  • Ordering coffee / food and requesting a size
  • Ordering takeaway coffee / food and requesting a flavor
  • Making a mild complaint
  • Asking for more
  • Asking for a table to be cleaned
  • Asking for a sandwich
  • Asking for a sandwich(2)

Clothes Shop 1

  • Ask to try something on
  • Trying on a shirt
  • Ask for something in a different color
  • Tell someone you are just looking
  • Return a product to the store

Clothes Shop 2

  • Ask how much something is and ask for discount
  • Buy a pair of shoes and talk about size
  • Ask a price of different items

General Hotel Situations

  • Open the door for a guest
  • Take a guest's bag and ask for their room number
  • Give directions to the hotel gym and ask a guest if they would like help 1
  • Tell someone to opening times of the restaurant
  • Tell someone to have a nice day
  • Give directions to the restaurant
  • Give directions part 3

Hotel Reception

  • Booking a hotel room
  • Talk about types of room
  • Talk about room rates and take payment
  • Confirm a booking
  • Welcome a guest to the hotel and give a room key
  • Guest check out and asking if they enjoyed their stay
  • Apologizing & Responding to a guest's request
  • Tell a guest someone will fix something in the room


  • Tell the waiter how many people you would like a table for
  • Order your food
  • Additional Requests
  • Tell the waiter you are happy with the food
  • Order a dessert and coffee
  • Ask for the bill
  • Making a mild complaint ordering extra drinks


  • Asking for directions to a pharmacy
  • Asking for directions to a bank
  • Finding out how long it take to get somewhere
  • Understanding directions to places in town
  • Asking how far something is


  • Learn how to check-in at an airport in English
  • Ask and answer questions about the flight
  • Understand an announcement
  • Answer questions at immigration

Present simple

  • Find out how often someone does something
  • Practice talking about what you like and how often you do something
  • Find out how often someone does something

Future Tense

  • Ask what someone is doing tomorrow
  • Ask about plans for the evening
  • Invite someone to do an activity
  • Ask when and where someone is going to something
  • Talking about holiday plans
  • Asking about someone else

Present Perfect

  • Have you ever been (1)
  • Have you ever seen
  • Have you ever eaten
  • Have you ever been (2)
  • Have you ever stayed
  • How long have you lived
  • How long have you had
  • How long have you worked
  • Has she finished yet?
  • Have you eaten yet?
  • Have you met each other yet?
  • Have you written it yet?
  • Have you finished yet (2)?


  • Ask if someone has brothers and sisters
  • Talk about older and younger family
  • Tell someone you are married
  • Talk about your husband or wife


  • At the beach
  • At the airport
  • At work
  • At the hospital
  • At home


  • Requesting an appointment
  • Giving, and confirming details
  • Requesting a different time
  • Taking a seat in reception
  • Directions to the doctors room
  • Describing what's wrong
  • Describing what else is wrong
  • Prescribing medicine
  • Giving instructions