Learn Thai, Chinese French or English with simple interactive lessons which teach you what to say in dozens of everyday situations.

The unique system allows you to improve your speaking and listening and reall improve your fluency.

  • Step 1: Learn New Vocabulary

  • Step 2: Listen To and Repeat Short Phrases

  • Step 3: Practice a Conversation with Cyber Teacher Sam 

Simply click on free sample to try a lesson now.

What Will I Learn?

Simply choose to learn ENGLISH, THAI, FRENCH or CHINESE and I Speak Now teaches you to speak in hundreds of everyday situations:


  • Introduce yourself and talk about where you are from

  • Order Food & Drink

  • Talk on the Telephone

  • Go Shopping

  • Make an Appointment

  • Give directions to a Taxi Driver

Plus Hundreds Of Other Situations to Choose From.  SIgn Up For a Free Trial Now.

Why I Speak Now?

Affordable courses with one payment giving access to all levels, languages and features make I SPEAK NOW the ideal choice. 

Want to impress a client, talk to new friends or visit a doctor.  I SPEAK NOW offers vocabulary, phrases and dialogues which can also be used as a phrase book and reference when you want to practice a particular situation.

With hundreds of situations available I SPEAK NOW is the ideal place to start learning a language. Our on line support can also answer your language learning questions.

Make new friends and learn about different countries in our language forum or simply ask a question about the language you are learning.




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Ask one of our language problem advisors a question at any time with our LIVE SUPPORT FEATURE.  Talk to a real teacher and have your questions answered by our professional team.


If for whatever reason no one is available we will get back to you within 24 hours.

(Language problem advisory service available for Thai and English learners)


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