MORE and more students are turning to online learning to boost their language skills - and they now have a powerful tool at their disposal thanks to I SPEAK NOW.

www.ispeaknow.com - allows students to gradually build their language skills from basic greetings and general conversation right through to business dialogue.

The program allows for easy interchange between the foreign languages. That means Thai members won't need to use English if they want to pick up a third language like Spanish, French or even Norwegian.

And founder James Stoddart believes the technology will also be invaluable for those who do not normally have the financial resources to study a third language.  He said: "We found that the cost of online study was quite expensive and so we have come up with an affordable alternative. We would like to use the program with schools and universities as well as local businesses.

There are currently 28 online modules available with each containing vocabulary, phrases and dialogue for common situations. The first step is to learn new words by clicking on colourful graphics then listening and repeating. Once students have completed this they can move on to learning phrases that relate to the dialogue they are going to practise. The final step is the most challenging as it gives students the opportunity to have a conversation with their cyber teacher Sam.

The dialogue is split into two roles and students have to pace their own lines perfectly to ensure a seamless conversation with Sam. When they get the timing and dialogue spot on, the roles are reversed and the process starts again.

Although the site is a serious learning tool, it allows users to have fun.  Live support also gives students the chance to talk with a language professional who can provide advice and guidance.

For further information visit www.ispeaknow.com